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For many people living with diabetes, their chronic condition has been accepted as the part of their life. Daily doses of insulin, diet control, and counting on your carbohydrates has become your routine and many people expect it to be their life for whole life; probably because conventional medication has no possible cure for diabetes. However, the most recent attempts to manage the disease with the application of alternative medicine have been found to be successful to quite an extent. Through stem cells therapy it is now possible to naturally regenerate insulin producing beta cells that have been lost due to diabetes.

Patients, who have been suffering with autoimmune diseases like diabetes, disturb their own insulin producing beta cells due to faulty immune system. Being devoid of hormone insulin; their blood glucose in not transported to the different speciality cells for the generation of energy, as a matter of fact, insulin is the major hormone responsible for this transportation. As the sugar is not transported, its level is been increased in the blood; the condition is named as diabetes. It is as well been advised that people should never ignore the condition because constant exposure of organs to increased blood sugar can lead to their massive damage, associated with other complications, like kidney disorders, cardiovascular disorders, ischemia, etc. In this regard, studies have confirmed that personalized approach, by using patient' own stem cells isolated from their own body tissues can do wonders by regenerating lost pancreatic cells to restore back their function of insulin production and sugar management.

Theoretically, stem cells are the preliminary cells of our body with the ability to transform into various cells of different functional as well as structural origin. This extrinsic property of stem cells is the basis of regenerative medicine; in order to treat myriad of degenerative diseases; which have no answer through conventional medicine. Clinical studies that have been conducted worldwide have confirmed the ability of stem cells isolated from autologous tissues to be able to differentiate into insulin producing pancreatic beta cells. Moreover, since only autologous cells have been used, there are no chances of graft rejection or any other opportunistic infections. Further to which, these stem cells are allowed to create a suitable microenvironment for regeneration as well as repair the damage associated with faulty autoimmune system, by secreting regulatory immune hormones.

So far one of the biggest barrier in effective stem cells therapy is to administer large quantities of stem cells through autologous tissues; however with the advent of automated technology and the best modifies enrichment methods, it is now possible to acquire desired higher cells count that once administer through effective route of infusion can reach to the targeted areas and start signalling the body to repair, regenerate and restore the functional aspects of organs.

While the research about exploration of new methods to effectively apply stem cell therapy is still ongoing; the current clinical outcomes are as well exciting and offering the best possible choice to manage conventionally incurable disease, such as diabetes.

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