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Gestational diabetes as we all know is high blood sugar condition that is caused only during pregnancy in women. This diabetic complication usually occurs in the mid pregnancy stage, which is found to manifest itself when the pregnancy hormones hinders with the normal function of the hormone insulin. Hence, the blood sugar levels rises in the pregnant women making her vulnerable to diabetes.

The various risk factors that have been reported to make pregnant women susceptible to diabetes are hypertension, overweight status before pregnancy, family history of the condition, older than 25 years, had unexplained miscarriage or still birth or have an excess of amniotic fluid. Around 2 – 12 percent of pregnant women have been found to get afflicted with gestational diabetes. It is very important to take proper care during pregnancy and prevent the occurrence of gestational diabetes, as there exist a 30% chance of the women acquiring the condition for lifetime and also the chances of getting afflicted with diabetes in the next pregnancy is very high.

Preventive approaches for gestational diabetes

It has been regarded that through following some guidelines that include various tests for detection of diabetes in pregnancy women greatly aid in prevention of the condition. The tests such as fasting blood sugar, one hour as well as two hour blood glucose are the clinical tools that provide clues to doctor about classifying the women in different categories depending upon the severity and thus, employing the appropriate treatment option optimal for them. Hence, it also aids in mitigating the health negative effects resulted in case of later diagnosis of the condition.

Also, a recent clinical investigative study proved that diet plays a crucial role in preventing the gestational diabetes mellitus. The study analyzed the effect of three potential types of diet namely DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) diet, aMED (alternate Mediterranean Diet) and aHEI (alternate Healthy Eating Index) diet in preventing gestational diabetes.

The DASH diet involves intake of dairy stuff and low fat foods, aHEI diet is rich in white and red meat along with containing high cereal fiber ratio as well as high intake of polyunsaturated fats compared to the saturated ones. Whereas, aMED diet has high amounts of sea food, fish and food grains and is characterized by low intake of alcohol. The results proved that DASH, aHEI and aMED diets reduced the risk of gestational diabetes by around 34%, 46% and 24% respectively, thereby proving the importance of diet in maintain healthy life and prevent disease condition.

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