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Not just type 1 diabetics, type 2 diabetics may also have to deal with painful insulin injections. But one thing many insulin users may not be aware of, the length of needle used. Are you aware of the recommended guidelines concerning about the length of the needle to be used?

In past, experts used to recommend the longer inch needle for injections. But now studies have proved that 5/16 inch needle allows the same dispensing of insulin and the injections are less painful too.

There have been debates over the topic whether shorter needles are adequate for diabetics who happen to have more fatty tissues at injection sites. This is a common concern as most diabetics are either obese or overweight. However, feedbacks from people who used shorter needles are they are able to get correct amount of insulin to their system. Doctors recommend diabetics who are lean to make sure to pinch the skin upward and inject directly into the bunched up skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Another concern is about diabetics who happen to have thicker skin at the injection site. Again, researches have proved that anyone with this type of skin can also benefit from the shorter 5/16 inch needles.

Now when coming to injection sites, the most preferred site for a diabetic is abdomen. The skin is usually thinner here than in other commonly used locations such as the arm or leg. It is also advised to use the abdomen because insulin is absorbed more quickly when injected in this area.

While needle length is one of the concerns, another is about with how the injection is given. Following the correct type of technique is as important as where you choose to deliver your injection.

No matter where insulin is injected, diabetics need to make sure the needle is injected in a straight line, ie, at a 90-degree angle, into the skin. It is also important to keep the needle in place for several seconds before removing it. It has been found that removing the needle too quickly is a common issue many diabetics do not realize. This does makes a substantial difference in the effectiveness of their injection.

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