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When one's body is incapable of producing/using insulin, then the level of blood glucose tends to rise. This can directly cause problems that may be severe in nature like coma, organ damage or even death! Such blood sugar fluctuations are commonly called diabetes. There are two categories of diabetes; Type I and Type II.

Symptoms for Type I are increased urination along with unusual thirst. There can be blurry vision along with unexpected and unexplained weight loss. Unrelieved and more than normal fatigue is also a sign of Type I. On the other hand, Type II can be classified through symptoms like weakness, extreme fatigue, prolonged healing duration, swollen and red gums as well as nerve damage. Type II is the most commonly found category among diabetic patients.

It is not necessary that one would suffer from diabetes only if he/she has higher blood glucose level. Contrary to this, lower sugar level of blood would also cause this problem. So, the normal level of glucose has to be maintained in order to stay fit and healthy and never face this problem. Better is to control your blood glucose level to normal as preventing the problem is a good solution over curing it.

One thing to keep in mind is that diabetes has the power to squeeze out even the last drop of sweetness from your life. So, instead of facing those times, it is better to reach a doctor and get yourself checked whenever you notice early signs of diabetes. These can be unexplained hunger pangs, dizziness, sweating and shakiness. It you are suffering such minor and seemingly normal changes in your routine, then you need to reach a doctor as quickly as can be. If ignored (which commonly happens), it can easily become a big trouble for the rest of your life.

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