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Diabetes is a serious and lifelong condition by which maximum people get affected. It is a metabolic disorder which affects the way the body uses the digested food for growth and energy. The chief source of fuel in the body is glucose. As we eat, digestive juices break down the food into a simple sugar and that is known as glucose. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is related with chronic medical condition. It is a condition in which an organ in the abdomen known as pancreas, produces very little or no insulin. Insulin is a hormone which helps our body to absorb and use glucose and other nutrients from food, store fat and build up protein. In the absence of insulin, the level of blood glucose goes on increasing and becomes higher than normal.

For Type 1 diabetic people, regular monitoring and treatment with insulin is necessary. Adjustment in lifestyle, proper treatment and self care are very helpful in controlling the levels of blood sugar. It also reduces the risk of complication which is related with diabetes.

Usually Type 1 diabetes begins in childhood or young adulthood but it may develop at any stage and at any age. People with Type 1 diabetes have an overwhelming and frightening experience. It affects our day to day life.

Usually the cause of type 1 diabetes is related with the condition, when the immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. This is also known as autoimmune response. Usually type 1 diabetes develops in people with a family history of type 1 diabetes. It can also develop in the people with no family history of diabetes. In both the cases the people suffer from this problem that has one or more genes that make them susceptible to the disease. Even sometimes and in some cases type 1 diabetes might trigger the autoimmune response due to environmental factors. These environmental factors may be exposure to certain viruses and foods early in life.

On the basis of symptoms and blood test the diagnosis of diabetes is done. Some of the important symptoms of diabetes –

1. Losing weight
2. Feeling tired
3. Excessive thirst
4. Needing to urinate frequently
5. Blurred vision

The basic therapy for type 1 diabetes is the daily intake of insulin injection. Intake of insulin injections must be managed and balanced with proper and suitable meals. For the patients of type 1 diabetes, daily activities as well as frequent blood testing is necessary to monitor the level of blood glucose.

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