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Take care of Your Skin

There is not much difference between the skin diseases of a normal person and a diabetic. They both almost have a same kind of skin problems with minor differences. In case of diabetics, you may have problem of excessive dry skin. This can be controlled by using variable skin lotions and emollients. However, it is suggested to control this problem by good glucose control and drinking too much water.

Another problem which you can have with high cholesterol level in blood is the appearance of orange-yellow fatty plaques (xanthomas) around your eyes or on shins and elbows. One other condition is Necrobiosis lipodica diabeticorum (NLD), a relatively harmless but unattractive condition. It makes the skin look thin, discolored, and dimpled.

Take these precautions to keep your skin from different elements:

– Avoid Sunburn: Use sun-block on all the exposed areas of the skin regardless of the season, summer or winter it may be, before going out in the sun.
– Wash Your Entire Body Everyday with Warm Soap and Water: It is better to take bath instead of shower if you have any skin problem.

Take care of Your Teeth

Your little effort can keep you safe from gum infections, abscesses and other dental problems in case your blood glucose level shoot. Diabetics mostly need to keep these four points in mind: treating and preventing gum disease, proper brushing and flossing, treating and preventing abscesses and infections, and filling cavities.

In addition to above points you have to following precautions:

– Brush your teeth twice a day or preferably after every meal.
– It is important to floss your teeth at least once a day.
– Use water jet device or rubber tip at the back of your toothbrush to massage your gums. This will not only increase the circulation but also minimizes the chances of gum disease and infection.
– Use toothpaste formulated to control tartar and plaque.
– If you have gingi­vitis (inflammation of the gums), immediately consult your dentist. It is a minor problem but if neglected can be severe.
– Toothache can be severe, if you have this problem, consult your dentist at your first instance.
– Have your teeth check at least twice a year. This will lessen the chances of gum infection and other diseases.

If you are a diabetic, it is better to visit your dentist and inform him about your diabetes. It is an important point. Don't take it casually, as it will cause you severe problem in future. Your dentist will properly guide you how to take care of your teeth, especially with having diabetes. He will provide you a complete oral examination and a thorough professional cleaning if required. No one willingly go to their physicians and dentists. It is the need of time and you should be responsible and take your health seriously to fight against the diabetes. Dental care over the time has changed drastically. So, you need not to hesitate and visit your dentist for proper advice.

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