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Diabetes is a chronic, lifestyle disorder affecting millions of people all over the world. Expectedly, diet and particular poor food choices play a key role in type II diabetes, which is also the common type of diabetes. Type II diabetes is caused by reduced production of insulin in blood called insulin resistance. This means the body does not produce enough insulin to counteract the glucose level in blood leading to increased blood sugar and a wide variety of symptoms and devastating effects on the organs.

Since food plays an important role in maintaining your blood sugar level in diabetes II, you have to resort to dieting. Paleo dieting that eliminates grains and refined sugar is a fitting for people suffering from diabetes. Since a diabetic should consume a low glycemic diet, Paleo diet that boasts of low glycemic foods finds its use here.

Paleo diet

The diet based on the foods consumed by our ancestors two million years ago, Paleo diet includes foods eaten by the cavemen. The diet of the Stone Age included foods that were only gathered, hunted or fished, since this was before the advent of the agricultural revolution that brought processed and refined foods into our diet.

Paleo foods include meats, fishes, sea foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. The diet eliminates refined and processed foods that include sugar, pasta, bread, etc. The cavemen never had cereals, legumes, dairy products and grains and hence a Paleo dieter avoids them. This can have a positive effect on a diabetic.

Diabetes and Paleo diet

Paleo diet is a naturally low calorie diet. Protein and fat and not carbohydrates form the basis of the diet. As a result, the glucose levels in blood are not drastically elevated. Hence, your body is not required to produce large amount of insulin, which suits the diabetic well. Further, the diet eliminates processed foods as well as sugar from your diet. No added sugar also means there will not be any sudden increase in blood sugar level. This can play a major role in maintaining the blood sugar level and help the diabetic to live healthy.

Paleo diet is devoid of foods containing gluten, namely cereals. Gluten foods have a tendency to cause irritation and inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract. Since Paleo diet is free of gluten, there is little chance of decreased or malabsorption of nutrients in your body.

Paleo preaches to eat, sleep and exercise like a caveman. It has been found that sleep deprivation can affect the insulin production. A good eight hour sleep can go a long way in controlling triggers of diabetes. Our ancestors led an active lifestyle, which probably is one of the reasons for the nonexistence of lifestyle disorders like diabetes during the Stone Age. Combining a healthy diet like Paleo as well as following an exercise regimen will increase the insulin production and help a diabetic lead a better life.

Furthermore, diabetics are generally overweight, which in turn have drastic effects on their health. Paleo diet is a great wayto lose weight and this aspect can benefit the diabetics as well. In the long run, Paleo dieting can have more positive effects on a diabetic.

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