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Awareness and knowledge are imperative in the life of every individual to sustain a healthy and good quality life. It is more important in the life of individuals affected by diabetes. By diagnosing with diabetes, most of the people do not know the nature and characteristics of diabetes which they are affected with. It is only with the detailed understanding you could able to take further steps and measures to cure this disease. Some of them begin to use diabetic products and diabetes supplies without awareness about the kind they are suffering from. This is a disease which can be triggered at any point of time in life. Before starting the preventive measures or any kind of medications, you should be aware about its different types. It is generally classified into three categories. Studies have recognized other categories of this disease. By considering this categorization only you should decide about the free diabetic supplies to get availed. In this article I discuss the categorizations of this disease in common.

Type one Diabetes (T1D):

It is commonly known as insulin dependent diabetes. The patients who are caused by this type cannot survive without depending on insulin (a hormone that converts glucose from the food we consume to energy inside the cells). This is caused when the pancreas does not produce insulin in the body. It is a chronic disease in which the autoimmune reaction in the body attacks and destroys the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. This is commonly seen among children and the adults of the early years of age. Therefore it came to be popularly known as “juvenile diabetes”. There is a high possibility of having a shortage of blood sugar in the people affected by this type. Therefore it results in the symptoms like tiredness, confusion, dizziness, anxiety and fever. It should be taken more seriously.

Type two diabetes (T2D);

As this is contrast to the type 1, it is known as non insulin diabetes. The diabetic suffering from this type is not insulin dependent, as it causes due to the improper functioning of insulin in the body. This is mainly seen between the adults, thus it came to be known as “Adulthood diabetes”.The study of researchers have found that in these days this type is starting to eat the life of children. It happens when the body attacks and resists the insulin into cells. Therefore, it leads to the excess build up of glucose in the body. There are medicines to control this situation. But, the doctor's advice to follow daily exercise and a nutritional diet to control the sugar level.

Gestational diabetes;

This kind is mostly seen among pregnant women. It is temporary in nature that it occurs only during the pregnancy and alleviates soon after the delivery. Today, almost 2-3% of pregnant woman are affected by this type. If not treated well after diagnosis, it may lead to complications in the mother's body and the baby born.

If you want to know more about the further types of this disease, the better method I would like to suggest is to have a detailed internet research or discussion with the qualified medical practitioner or a physician.

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