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The link between Diabetes and Obesity is that if we consider the food products that are consumed by the people then the percentage of kilojoules is quiet high and this eventually leads to obesity. Obesity results due to the condition of excessive fat presence in the body. There are different types of diabetes but obesity is usually associated with Type 2 type of diabetes.

This disease has now become a worldwide epidemic and there is a report that shows that nearly 246 million people are affected by this ailment and till we reach the period of 2025 there would be nearly 300 million people who would be diagnosed with this disease. This would result in heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, amputation of limbs etc. It is important that people recognize the adverse effects of this disease and fight for it head on.

According to recent studies it has been reported there are a number of foods available and the rate of this disease is just increasing. So this is the most common link between diabetes and obesity. It has been reported that in Australia and in New Zealand one in four adults are diagnosed with this disease that is known as diabetes or pre-diabetes. The shocking news is that even children are not left behind they too have been diagnosed with this disease and this is a huge amount that has to be stopped from increasing in the future.

The primary way to stop this is to educate the people on the link between diabetes and obesity. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle along with the right amount of nutritious food and proper exercise regime. It is important that people monitor their blood glucose levels as they diagnose their cholesterol levels. There are some specialized hospitals that conduct surgeries like radio neuro surgery and other types of surgeries and it also performs surgeries for diabetes and obesity.

People need to improve their eating habits in respect of the type of food they consume and it can be done only by controlling their appetite for food. When you follow this diet then you would be able to stick to your diet in a much easier way and would also be able to maintain a healthy weight.

These are some of the guidelines that needs to be considered –

  • Consume your meals at regular intervals and at a regular time
  • Eat and chew your meals slowly so that they last longer
  • Avoid placing serving plates on the table as this would avoid any kind of temptation
  • Avoid any kind of side plate of bread on the dinner table
  • It is not necessary to eat everything that is present on your plate
  • If and when you dine out try to avoid alcohol, bread and salad dressings
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