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Macrovascular Complications Of Diabetes

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No matter type I or type II diabetes all can lead to nephropathy, protein leakage is one of the manifestation also means there are some problems with your kidney. According your real illness condition of single kidney with protein in urine, diabetes and unstable hypertension, early treatment is very important. If this disease treated well in early stage, it can be reversed, or it can not be reversed once it is in the stage of clinical albuminuria. Please consider receive the treatment to protect your kidney.

With technology developing, stem cell transplantation has been applied to the treatment of Diabetes and kidney disease, showing a strong vitality. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment has gained a great development both on curing Diabetes and Kidney Diseases. There are several unique advantages of stem cell treatment compared with traditional treat methods.

Potential stem cells with high multiplication and multi-directional differentiation are the best seed cells to get massive Pancreatic B cell, which can solve the problem of lack of pancreatic cells greatly.

Another point is the pancreatic cells it differentiated can have an regulating effect on hypoglycemic physiologic.

Pancreatic cells differentiated by self stem cells can reduce immunologic rejection and will not be restrainted by social ethical problems of using embryonic stem cells.

With the rapid development and application of Basic Medicine such as Cytology and Molecular Biology, it will be true that different kinds of stem cells can differentiate to Pancreatic B cells as seed cells.

Stem cell treatment has a function of restoration to renal organs, because stem cells have a strong ability of self-renewal and multi-directional differentiation, having a strong vitality to injured renal organs and inherent renal cells. Meanwhile, it can restore injured pancreatic tissue, and recover pancreatic function, providing a favorable circumstances for stem cell transplantation. Hope this can help you more.

Anyway, just like we have a cold, some people can recover without medicine; some people need some medicine and others would can not get effect even though using medicine.

If you have been to rely on dialysis to sustain life, then why do not you try to use a newmethod of treatment you might get a better quality of life.

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