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Gestational Diabetes mellitus commonly known as GDM occurs when a woman who has not been previously diagnosed with diabetes indicates high blood sugar level at the time of her pregnancy.GDM is generally noticed in the third trimester of pregnancy. After the birth of the baby the diabetes disappears. During the period of the woman's suffering from GDP she has to take gestational diabetes diet so that the symptoms do not worsen her physical status.

Cause of gestational diabetes

During pregnancy a woman needs excess insulin. When the body of the woman fails to produce extra insulin the level of the blood sugar increases and gestational diabetes is caused.

Gestational diabetes diet

The woman suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus should follow some simple rules while taking the diet. The moment the woman is diagnosed diabetes she should try her best to keep the blood sugar at the particular level as recommended by the physician. If the woman having GDP follows the following tips she may keep her blood sugar under control.

Tips to curb GDP

The pregnant woman has to take care of in taking carbohydrates she eats daily. If she takes the same amount of the carbohydrate at the same level regularly she may keep her blood sugar level within proper limit.

The next thing she has to bother about is being hydrated all the time. Hence she should take plenty of water. She may take vegetable and fruit juices that contain essential vitamins and minerals. But it is advised that the woman should concentrate in taking plain water as plain water does not contain sugar.

Again it is better to opt for several small meals instead of taking larger meals. If she can eat throughout the day in smaller bits she can stabilize the level of blood glucose. So it is important to take smaller meals all day long.

It is suggested to eliminate sugar totally from the diet. Simple sugar is noticed in the soft drinks, jams, honey, candy, maple syrup and absolutely in tea and coffee.

It is better to take small meal at bedtime as supper and then go for blood glucose level in the morning. If it is noted that the blood sugar level is high the intake of carbohydrate during breakfast must be minimized.

Moderate physical exercise as recommended by the doctor may be taken

The pregnant woman should take her diet packed with minerals and vitamins that will aid her to enjoy healthy pregnancy and hazard free birth of a baby. She should take care of the calorie intake by opting for vegetables, whole grain foods and lean proteins.

Gestational diabetes mellitus can be controlled if the woman follows the instructions of her doctor and take gestational diabetes diet.

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