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Diabetes is characterized by persistently raised Blood sugar levels. But this High Blood Sugar almost always does not cause any discomfort to Diabetics. Probably this is the reason why most people never take Diabetes seriously. In an interaction with a group of young Diabetics Dr Rajesh Kesari the eminent Diabetologist at Delhi discussed some common misperceptions prevalent in Diabetics.

Most people fall prey to easy solutions either knowingly or unknowingly offered by so called healers and preachers, these range from tying a thread or amulet anywhere on the body to gulping down some ash, drinking an unknown concoction or chewing some herbs or barks.

But as we all know these are not treatments of Diabetes – but ways of cheating the vulnerable.

Treatment of Diabetes requires concerted efforts both on the part of the doctor and the patient to achieve the desired goals of Blood Sugar and HbA1C. Dr Rajesh Kesari has been providing Diabetic Treatments in Delhi since past many years and his experience and advice is of much value to Diabetics.

In order to Keep Sugar in Blood under control and prevent Complications of Diabetes it is important for all those concerned to know what is Diabetes , then only they can take proper treatment and prevent themselves from being misguided.

Of all options available in the capital of our country- Lifestyle Modification still forms the basis of Diabetic treatments in Delhi just as in all our developed countries. As advised by Diabetolgist at Delhi – Dr Rajesh Kesari, completely avoid – Sugar and sweets, Potatoes and food items made thereof, All that is made from refined wheat flour (maida) like samosa, mathi, sev, Biscuits, cakes etc. the right Diabetic diet always included plenty of green vegetables, diabetic diet should always include fruits, in limited quantity but frequently- three to four times a day. Delhites are fortunate enough to have number of good parks in the city which make the walking even more pleasurable. Diabetologist at Delhi also recommend regular walks – atleast 5-6 days a week for 45-60 minutes, obviously if there are no complications like that of Heart ( Angina, Coronary Artery Disease). Walking is one of the easiest exercise which almost anyone can perform. Walking is an aerobic exercise, large muscle groups are involved during walking which helps burn calories as well as increase insulin sensitivity. Regular walking decreases the insulin requirement in insulin dependent patients or type 1 diabetics and may decrease the need for oral blood sugar lowering medicines in persons suffering from type 2 diabetes.

There are no shortcuts for Diabetic Treatments in Delhi or for that matter anywhere else in the world.

If Lifestyle modification, which means following a diabetic diet, doing regular exercise is not helpful in controlling sugar levels in blood, then Diabetics would need medications or Insulin for treatment of Diabetes.

Many newly diagnosed Diabetics are afraid of taking medicines and run for easy solutions. Herbal medications are not very effective in managing diabetes, some well studied plant or herbal products containing active substances like Methi seeds, or Seeds of Wood Apple ( Jamun), or bark of Pterocarpus Marsupium may modestly decrease Blood Sugar and Cholesteol levels – not more than 20-30 mgs/dl with continuous intake. At the same time some herbal products may also be toxic for internal organs like liver and kidneys. Herbal products may also contain heavy metals, other impurities as herbal products do not need stringent toxicological and quality control for production and marketing in our country.

So if you've been diagnosed with Diabetes, please do not be afraid, consult a good Diabetologist in Delhi and follow his or her advise to lead a complication free life

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