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Diabetes occurs when the blood sugar level increases abnormally with the decline of insulin production in blood. There are three types of diabetes, Type1, Type 2 and gestational. This illness may further cause you dangerous problems such as heart attack, kidney failure, nerve damage, dental disease, foot problems, skin complications, blindness and obesity.

Diabetes occurs at any stage of life. This is only due to the poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to take care. There are very few medical treatments available to cure diabetes. Proper diabetic meal plans are also good to control diabetes.

Here are some vital tips to control diabetes:

1. Some natural methods like jogging, walking and dancing are beneficial to treat diabetes.

2. Other medications such as pills and insulin are also beneficial and it is necessary to be taken by prescription of doctor.

3. Healthy Diet is very vital because the sugar level totally depends on the diet. Diabetic plans should be good but you can start them once you ask your doctor.

5. Regular check up of sugar level is necessary.

6. Quit smoking

7. Your diet plan should include the following:

1. Drink at least two glasses of water before every meal.

2. Intake of 1600 calories and 220 crabs is beneficial per day.

3. Add 1 whole toasted wheat bread and half cup of oatmeal with half cheese and half-cup skim milk and half banana.

4. For lunch, you may add a cup of vegetable soup and apples with may be turkey.

5. For dinner, you can include chicken and cup of brown rice, carrots and tossed salad.

6. If you feel hungry between you can add pop corn and diet chocolate pudding or fat free chips.

In this way, these tips and the diet meal plan can definitely help you to reduce the chances high sugar level increasing in the blood. Thus, by following it your can manage the diabetes control and can live a happy healthy life.

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