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When children have unusual pain, they can't explain it very well. The parents of these kids find it hard to know what to do about their problems. And, due to the increase of pre-packaged processed food, diseases like diabetes are on the rise with our kids. Because our children are too young to see symptoms of diabetes, it's up to us as parents to watch out for their overall fitness and health.

Children under 3 typically have the same symptoms but children can show a variety of different signs of diabetes. Children with type 1 diabetes have a pancreas that is unable to make insulin. If the pancreas is making enough insulin but the child's blood sugared is high, it means they have type 2 diabetes where their body isn't able to use the insulin in the blood.

Another symptom of diabetes is the occurrence of obesity in kids. Although kids may not know the signs of diabetes, parents need to watch and learn so they will be in the best position to detect diabetes early in the children.

One of the easiest signs of diabetes is a child that requires frequent trips to the bathroom. Because of the lack of insulin, type 1 diabetics will have higher blood sugar levels. Their body uses urine to capture the excess sugar in the blood. The sugary water is captured by the kidneys and removed. The kids will pee more often because the kidneys are working overtime. You'll notice this if the kids go to the bathroom very often during the day and at night.

If they do to the bathroom too often, they'll get extremely thirsty. When you lose water like that, you have to drink extra to get it back.

If the kids get hungry at funny times, you would start to watch for other signs of diabetes. Because the insulin isn't working correctly, their bodies don't get the energy they need and then they feel hungry. Since they can't get to the sugar energy in the blood, their body will start to use the fat it has available.

If healthy children start to lose weight, you should really watch for the signs of diabetes. Weight loss that is unexplained is a symptom of diabetes. You should talk to your doctor if you see any of these serious symptoms in your child.

Diaper rash is another thing you can watch to see if your child is showing signs of diabetes. A rash that doesn't heal with medications is a dangerous sign you should talk to your doctor about.

If your kids are always tired, it could be a sign of diabetes. The insulin wouldn't be getting the sugar to their body so they would feed tired and worn out.

I hope this information is useful and it helps you as you watch your children for the signs of diabetes.

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