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Diabetes and Lifestyle

Diabetes as such cannot be prevented if one has very strong family history but the common type of diabetes like type 2 diabetes (diabetes mellitus) can be prevented or delayed by a nutritious diet, rich in fibrous food and low in fat, avoiding excessive weight gains, regular physical exercise and avoidance of aggravating factors like smoking and stress. Unnecessary worry can lead to earlier development of diabetes as well as several other diseases like heart disease.

By making some alterations in the lifestyle, one can prevent or delay its occurrence, some alterations are mentioned below:


  • Practicing yoga or any other relaxation exercise which helps in overcoming stress.
  • Increased physical activity
  • Avoiding smoking or tobacco consumption
  • Avoiding alcohol consumption or very occasionally and in small quantities
  • Eating at regular intervals and in proper composition and quantities which ensure balanced intake of all the necessary nutrients.
  • Avoiding intake of saturated fat and simple sugars
  • Reducing weight, if overweight

Even if person has diabetes can lead healthy lifestyle if diabetes is well under control. This can be done by consulting a doctor and following the above mentioned points.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease when the body does not produce require quantities of insulin and so the blood sugar (blood glucose) increases than the normal. Blood glucose acts as a 'fuel', which is burnt in the body to provide energy for daily activities.

When the level of this 'fuel' exceeds the normal level it starts acting as a poison and harms almost all cells of the body. The major effect is on the fine blood vessels, and several enzymes in the cell (biochemical proteins) that are essential for supplying blood and carrying out normal tissue processes respectively. Uncontrolled or improperly controlled diabetes can give rise to heart disease, eye disease, kidney disease, and degeneration of nerve fibers.

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