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Type 2 diabetics face many challenges that other people are not aware of. Your activity levels, foods you are eating, and blood sugar levels all have to be watched very closely if you are going to do everything you can to ensure your health. Long hours spent in the workplace can make it extremely difficult to eat foods that are nutritionally viable for a diabetic. Your blood sugar levels do not take kindly to the sorts of foods that you usually find in corporate cafeterias and vending machines. Still, even when you are trapped at work, it is very possible for you to eat the kinds of foods that you should be eating and keep your blood sugar under control.

Vending machines tend to be the only source of nutrition available in many office buildings. The problem when you start looking at the kind of nutrition that these foods provides comes when you notice that they are almost entirely sugar and white flour. While these foods are very lacking in anything that resembles proper nutrition, they do have a strong tendency to cause spikes in blood sugar.

Bringing your own snacks to work is the best way to get around this. Fresh vegetables are obviously one of the healthiest things that you can possibly eat, and also make great snacks if you have a cooler or refrigerator or some other way to keep them cold. You do much better as a type 2 diabetic when instead you choose foods that are not only nutritious, but are also filled with fiber. If there is no refrigerator present, nuts are another great alternative. They are tasty and filled with nutritious fiber.

The problem that you run into in the case of most cafeterias will be the same; the foods provided are cheap, but not exactly nutritious. In order to keep their cost down, this food tends to be just as refined and processed as the snack foods. The problem with these foods, again, is that they result in spikes in your blood sugar levels. In contrast, eating nothing at all will result in a large dip in your blood sugar levels.

So, what is the answer? Sack lunches are the answer. Just like when you were in school, you may end up running into pressure from your peers to eat the same unhealthy foods that the rest of them are choosing. Just remember that staying in ideal health is worth putting up with a bit of teasing.

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