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Diabetes is a common metabolic disorder which is associated with the decrease in production of insulin hormone. Diabetes education is the only way to make people aware about the severity of this life threatening health condition. This article focuses on the various types of diabetes and their consequences

Type 1Diabetes: It is also called as insulin dependent diabetes. In this case, the body does not produce insulin hormone. The under such a condition, the patient needs to administer the hormone from outside in the form of tablets or injection. The fact that this type of disease is usually associated with younger people and most of the cases are diagnosed before the age 40, gives the condition another name called Juvenile Diabetes. It is a condition that runs life long as so far there has been no cure found for the disease apart from taking insulin injections.

Type 2 Diabetes: This type is associated with the cells of body becoming non-responsive to insulin. Hence there is an increase in the blood glucose level because it is not absorbed leading to diabetic condition. Obese and overweight people are at a higher risk of suffering from this condition. The condition is also common in older people and it gets worst with the increasing age.

A major thing is not much discussed is that people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes usually have a history of high blood glucose levels which although were higher than normal but not high enough to be considered as diabetic. And as a result of which the cells within the body become resistant to insulin causing Type 2 Diabetes. This condition of increased blood glucose level is referred to as Pre-diabetes stage amongst medical professionals.

Gestational Diabetes: this is the third type of diabetes and is usually associated with the females during pregnancy period. The females have a high blood glucose level in this condition and their body is unable to produce enough insulin to absorb the glucose. Hence this condition arises. It can be controlled with the help of dietary changes during gestation. However if not controlled, it can lead to complications during the child birth.

To spread awareness among people about diabetes is the need of the hour and many government and non government organizations are taking steps for this by arranging for seminars and lectures on these topics.

lecturepad.org is a website where you get to know about the latest in the field of diabetic education. The website focuses on providing information on a wide range of topics including cardiology, diabetes, and lipidology and also acts as a journal to share information on these intricate science fields.

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