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It is a common knowledge among many of us that millions of people suffer from diabetes. Chances are there that still millions of more people will be getting this condition in the coming years. Seriously, this is something that people need to be aware of and have avoid at any cost. Basically, the most significant thing to do is know about the various types of diabetes that are there and how a person gets them.

Kinds of Diabetes

It can be surprising to know that there is not just one kind of diabetes, but there are few and each of them have their own symptoms and causes. Do you know that Type 1 diabetes is the common one that people suffer from? This was previously known as insulin-dependent diabetes. Such kind of diabetes is common among people who are below the age group of forty.

One thing that a person needs to keep in mind is that each or the various diabetes work in a different manner and in case of type 1, the body will not produce insulin. A successful treatment for type 1 diabetes is insulin therapy. Most of the researchers feel that successful treatment is possible for people who suffer from such conditions and as per the findings found in most of the medical journals, people are able to live a happy and healthy life after the treatment is successful.

Another kind of diabetes that is quite common is type 2 diabetes. Basically in this type of diabetes, the body will produce the insulin in sufficient quantity. However, the produced insulin will be ignored by the cells present in the body. Now the body will become resistant to the insulin and the ultimate result will be that the person will not have the required (normal) glucose level.

As per various medical finding, this can be quite dangerous as when an individual doesn't eat the right amount of sugar, then their sugar level present in the blood will really get whacked. (Ref – Cummings, E., Khanb, A., Singh, J., Raja, V., & Defreitas, A. (2014). Knowledge Attitude And Practices Of Persons Diagnosed With Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus With Regards To Nephropathy As A Complication. South American Journal of Public Health, 2(2), 151-167. Retrieved February 4, 2014, from eijasr.com/index.php/SAJOPH/issue/current/showToc)

It is important that individual who are suffering from type 2 diabetes need to follow a strict diet pattern and should take proper care of their health. Regular exercising is important and people need to work closely with their physician to know about the various kinds of treatment available for them. What you need to keep in mind is that each person is different, so one kind of treatment will be apt and successful for one person while it will not give satisfactory results.

In addition to these two kinds of diabetes, there is another kind of diabetes known as gestational diabetes. This kind of diabetes mostly occurs among pregnant women. Basically, not all pregnant women will develop such condition, but many will do have and it is bound to occur during the final stages of pregnancy, mostly in the second or third trimester. This diabetes is a major concern for doctors as it is not a great threat for the mother but can be one for the unborn baby.

No wonder most of the doctors will be careful while performing any kind of test when a woman is pregnant. Nowadays, doctors always perform various kinds of test to check whether the mother is suffering from diabetes. If a mother does suffer from this kind of diabetes, then doctors will try to ensure that it is diagnosed as early as possible, so that treatment can be done as soon as possible, so that can be controlled.

To conclude, if you notice that you are having occasional thirst and urinating more often, then it is important that you consult a doctor. Also if you have headaches, dizziness, then chances are there that you might be suffering from diabetes. Make sure to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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