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Diabetes Heilen – Mit Einem Einzigen Buch (Reversing Diabetes) [VEGAN]

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Diabetes is a problem that is influenced mainly by food and lifestyle. Blood sugar levels directly get affected by the food you consume. Diabetic patients are strictly advised to take care of their diet and take a note of food they consume. Losing weight is the magical mantra to stay fit and live long with the diabetes problem. Developing healthy eating habits is all you can do to control your weight. Small amount of weight reduced in few years can also keep diabetic problems away from you. Weight control also improves insulin sensitivity and glycemic control in body. Even losing a few pounds can save your life and give you a healthy life. If you are concerned about how to lose weight right eating habits can help you in that.

If you are suffering with diabetic problems include the food to cure your type II diabetes in your diet that is given below:


  1. Add soluble fiber in your food that slows the absorption of glucose and slows down the blood sugar levels. Add more whole grains and fiber foods like oats in your diet it will decrease the risk of high blood sugar levels by few percentages. You can include brown rice and other high quality carbs with grilled chicken in your diet.
  2. High quality carbs helps in raising the blood sugar levels very slowly. Unsweetened beans, peas, green leafy vegetables, whole-grain cereals, barley, wild rice, lentils, whole grain breads, wheat berries and quinoa are high quality carb food to cure your type II diabetes.
  3. Sprouts, pears, berries, cauliflower, cabbage, yams, sweet potatoes, spinach, raspberries, almonds, flaxseeds sunflower seeds are best food to cure your type II diabetes as they are best soluble fiber available.
  4. Avoid saturated fats that are mostly found in dairy products and animal-based food. Like meat, yogurt, ice creams, cheese, butter and poultry skin. They are also found in some high-fat plant foods.
  5. If you want to eat chicken you can choose lean meat that won't increase fat in your body, choose fish and shellfish and always remove skin from poultry to eat healthy food. Don't choose any food that label shows palm oil more than 2 grams just put it back in the shelf.
  6. Now it's also about how you cook your food avoid deep frying and prefer roasting and grilling whenever you can. Boiling, baking, steaming, stir-frying, roasting are some of the available options for you.

Food to cure your type II diabetes is not available in packets, it's you who have to choose them and understand the food and its properties to get the benefits. Eat healthy and stay healthy is the mantra here.

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