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As we know, Diabetes mainly damage whole body blood vessels, and that why diabetic patients commonly suffer from pathological changes in eye, foot, heart and kidney. The most important tissue of kidney is glomerulus which is made up by blood capillaries. Based on clinical date, more than 80% diabetic patients will occur kidney damage after 10 years' illness course. Based on your father's present creatinine level, kidney pathological change might have already occurred before but not detected timely.

For Diabetic Nephropathy the corresponding prognosis in relatively not good, and patients may need dialysis at an even early stage (like when creatinine level increase to above 6mg/dl) to avoid any possible fatal complication. In terms of kidney damage, only when overall kidney function has declined by more than 50% will creatinine level start to exceed normal range. And now your father's creatinine level has already far above the normal range. Based on our experience, his remaining kidney function could be around 30% now.

For similar situation, we mainly adopt Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem cell transplant to protect kidney function from further decline and on that basis to maximally restore overall kidney function. For now, I'd prefer your replying me with more details on his medical history, and recent medical reports for further analysis, in order to make sure the chance of his recovery through systematic treatments.

Hope the following text about the diet of diabetic nephropathy patients can help your

Intake of quality low protein

Excessive intake of protein may increase the burden on the kidneys, so patients with Diabetic Nephropathy should control protein intake. Therefore, doctors suggest that Diabetic Nephropathy patients should eat protein properly in order to reduce its damage to the kidney. Some patients think that since they can not eat too much protien, they might as well give up meat and dairy products and have vegetarian diet mainly. But vegetable protein contains less amino acids, which can not meet the needs of the body to work normally. Having long-term vegetarian diet may be detrimental to the recovery of renal function.

Control the intake of total calories

Diabetes patients should have low-fat diet but they should control the total calories. If heat supply isn't enough, indicators of renal function will rise, such as serum creatinine, urea and etc. If the heat supply is too high, blood sugar will rise. So Diabetic Nephropathy patients should have low-fat diet, such as taro, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and so on. When total calories of the diet reaches the standard, supply and demand will be balanced.

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