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Diabetes mellitus is the most common form of diabetes and it is caused by the deficiency of the pancreatic hormone called as insulin. When insulin becomes short in supply, it will result in failure of the body to metabolize starch and sugar.

In general, for patients with this condition, sugars accumulate in the body in urine and blood and the result of alternative fat metabolism will disturb the balance of acid in the blood, thereby causing the risk of coma and convulsions. In short, diabetes mellitus is nothing, but the condition that is commonly called as diabetes and this particular condition are classified under different types like type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. The third type is something associated with pregnancy and it will continue in carrying moms until childbirth. But, moms with this condition need special treatment during pregnancy. The other two types can be treated with natural supplements for diabetes mellitus problem.

The best natural treatment: Many men and women have the question 'how to treat diabetes mellitus problem' in their minds and as mentioned earlier, they can rely on natural supplements for diabetes mellitus problem. As most people know, natural supplements are always safe to use and they do not cause any side effects and here comes the Diabec capsules under this category. This is an all-natural product with natural ingredients to cure this condition and it works mainly because of the effective ingredients that can regulate the secretion of insulin by strengthening the pancreas. Here are ingredients that help in this regard:

Gurmar: This herb has long been suggested by herbalists for people looking for how to treat diabetes mellitus problem. This is because the very name of this herb is known as gymnema sylvestre, which denotes the meaning of sugar destroyer in Sanskrit.


  1. It can bring down the cravings for sugar in patients with diabetes mellitus.
  2. The kapha reducing property of this herbal ingredient can destroy the desire towards sugary foods.
  3. As it can strengthen the pancreas, it has been used traditionally for people, who are prone to diabetes.
  4. This ingredient is used in the natural supplements for diabetes mellitus problem because it can increase the production of insulin by regenerating and repairing the pancreas cells.
  5. It can abolish the taste of sugar, which in turn effectively neutralizes and brings down the sweet cravings.

Shubhra Bhasma: This remedy is recommended for people asking 'how to treat diabetes mellitus problem' mainly because it can provide the right kind of assistance to the pancreas for regulating the production of insulin. It can keep the blood sugar level under control, which is highly important for healthy functioning of different organs for people with diabetes.

The other ingredients present in Diabec capsules are amla, jawadi kasturi, haldi and nimbu and some of them have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties for ensuring the proper functioning of different organs in the human body.

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