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There are many benefits to seeing a foot and ankle specialist when dealing with injuries and diseases of the foot and ankle including heel pain. But, did you know that there are reasons that you should see a foot and ankle specialist if you are a diabetic? That's right. Diabetes takes its toll on a variety of organs and systems throughout the body and the feet and ankles are no exception. Experts agree that because of the peripheral vascular disease it causes as well as the nerve damage it causes, diabetes may be one of the largest threats to the health of your feet and ankles. Here are a few reasons why you might want to schedule an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist if you have diabetes:

1. You might be able to avoid surgery

Whether you are having heel pain Ventura or not, having a foot specialist perform a number of extensive tests on your feet in order to catch and stop any damage that your disease may be causing. They can test for things such as adequate blood flow, nerve damage and the existence of infection, all of which are known complications of diabetes and will often go unnoticed for an extensive period of time. By visiting a podiatrist Ventura, you can identify these conditions and begin a treatment regimen before they become bigger problems.

2. You may have neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a very common complication of diabetes and refers to the nerve damage that occurs with uncontrolled high blood sugar. Those suffering from diabetic neuropathy can experience symptoms such as numbness and tingling in the feet as well as burning and intense pain. Unfortunately, many with diabetes don't realize they have a problem since symptom onset is generally very slow and a lack of sensation in the feet can allow infection to set up and become serious long before you ever realize there is a problem. In some cases, these infections can cause life threatening conditions that require amputation in order to save your life. However, regular checkups can prevent this situation from occurring.

3. Some doctors don't understand

General practitioners are, by design, the jack of all trades when it comes to practicing medicine. They understand the mechanisms of diabetes and even know that patients will experience foot and ankle problems with the disease. But when it comes to the identification and treatment of specific conditions in relation to your diabetes, a foot and ankle specialist will have a deeper, more thorough understanding of what is happening to you and how to treat it. For example, your general practitioner may be able to diagnose diabetic neuropathy and even identify infectious organisms causing an infection in your foot. However, a foot and ankle specialist will understand specifically how to treat individual infections, including resistant ones as well as how to control your pain, numbness or other symptoms.

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