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Avandia has stumbled on fame due to its long term impact on the health of diabetics and also its potent and distinguished ability to cut down your high blood sugar levels in the body. The fact the diabetes is most detrimental and interconnected disease that paves the road for various negative and devastating health conditions makes it the most worst and attention needed health illness.

Avandia maintains the blood sugar levels by regulating the production of insulin and appropriately using the insulin in an accurate way. Though this medication has a good safety profile, it is recommended to take it with necessary precautions and care. Individuals on this medication should limit the use of alcohol or avoid it and also be wary of taking high doses of nicotinic acid while on this medication as it elevates the levels of glucose in the body.

Allergic individuals, heart or kidney patients, breastfeeding women, pregnant women with conception problems and pre-menopausal women with irregular periods should also stay away from this medication.

Some diet and nutritional factors to be kept in mind

The old adage 'prevention is better than cure' aptly applies to every individual's health and also to those taking medications. The medical points to remember have already been listed above but some nutritional facts of significance that also need the same attention involves adjusting the dosage of this medication in case of consumption of potatoes as they interfere with blood sugar. Leaves of blueberry and bilberry, onion bulbs as well as garlic stalk have also found to lower blood sugar. Commonly used herbs such as fenugreek, bitter melon, dandelion, gymnema, ginseng and burdock have also been found to possess hypoglycemic activity.

Ipriflavone supplement when taken with any of the anti-diabetic medication results in an additive effect on the potency of these medications such as Avandia, thereby drastically alleviating blood sugar levels below normal range, which in turn is a serious health issue of concern. Supplements containing chromium, vanadium, carnitine and coenzyme Q10 mitigate blood glucose levels and hence, consult your doctor with regards to your dosage of Avandia.

Diving into the multi-facet actions of Avandia

Avandia has been shown to enhance HDL fat levels in your body which is a good effect, but on the other hand it is also found to magnify your LDL levels thereby nullifying its overall effect. Although some reports claim that Avandia is responsible to add weight in individuals taking it but it's not clear to what extent it does this. Hence, consulting your doctor about this is the best idea. Also, a recent analysis of this proved to shock every researcher, which says that around 43% of risk is associated with this drug to cause you a heart attack. Though, clinical analyses are still succeeding on this aspect, it is recommended to take this drug only after prescription by your medical professional.

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