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Are you familiar with this fracesé i feel bloated nothing fits me i'm fat then is most likely that you suffer from abdominal fat which is not only going to affect your phisical appearance but also your health because you have the risk of suffering metabolic diseases such as diabetis type 2 and also cardiobascular diseases, thats why today we present you 4 natural burnning fat that will help you obtain a flat belly. Want to know themé.

Keep watching! Number 1: watermelon, accoding to studies from the University of Kentukey revealed that the every day use of this food helps reduce the corporal fat specially in the belly area and the hipps that's why is a good idea too consumme it from 2 to 3 times per week Number 2: vegetables, accoding to an study of the diabetis medicine.

Revealed that the people that consumme veggies in a daily baises, 2 to 3 times like beans, lima beans, lentils frijoles abaza lentejas have more chances to burn fat and lose weight compared to those who have a diet rich in proteins like chicken and red meat. Number 3: red pepper, experts of media of nitrition revealed that people who consumme foods such as.

Carrots, tomatoes and red peppers mantain an smaller waist compared to those who don't add this foods to their diet they also store less corporal fat, so this is a good option to look and feel better. Number 4: Calium pyruvate, what this nutrient will do is to accelerate your metabolism it would metabolize the fats and obviously to achive a flat stomach.

Where can you find this producté in foods like apples, beer, and red wine and if you consumme any kind of protein from 3 to 4 P.M. what you would do is to activate your metabolism, you will reduce the amount of suggar in your blood and if you do this regularly in less than to weeks you can lose up to 500 grams which is not bad at all specially if you aren't doing nothing excesive.

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